Last Updated: 7/24/2015 12:00am

Thanks for visiting us online. We are happy to be able to extend our guidance and discipline to show you how to lead a Tri Fit Life. We offer personal training, African Drum & Dance, A FRESH spin on yoga, dance for fun & fitness classes, massage, boot camps and so much more!

Providing everyday wellness to everyday people at your location or ours. Keeping it plain and making it simple. Passion motivated artist-instructors who meet you where you are, to bring you where you need to be.  Rebuilding the total person from the inside out with gifts to...


No Event TOO BIG or small, ALL you have to do is call or text or email :o) & our services can be YOURS! ​Birthday Celebrations, Wedding Events, Girls/ Guys/ Couples Night Out, FUNDRAISER, Customer Appreciation, Happy Hour, Single Again Parties, Grand Openings, Baby Shower, Office Parties etc.


Well due to a bunch of unfortunate events, the STUDIO is NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED. THANK YOU for a wonderful year and some months. I learned alot but back to what I KNOW!!! Being a mobile wellness & fitness provider...

Look for my classes to start up ALL AROUND TOWN! So far the schedule is this

Beverly at Morgan Park UMC 110th & Longwood

AUG 24th & EVERY Monday

Belly Dance BE-YOU-Tiful 6:30p - 7:30p lil goddesses are welcome to join their mommies

AUG 25th & EVERY Tuesday

Tri Soul Yoga 6:30p - 7:30p ALL Skill levels and abilities welcome ESPECIALLY people who have never tried or DON'T LIKE YOGA I can change your mind. This is an embracing style focused on functional flexibility and restoring your mind/ body connection organically.

EVANSTON at Dance W/ M.E Studio 1914 Main St  EVERY SATURDAY 10a - 11a

Bashment Beatdown Super fun dance fitness to the best DANCEHALL/ SOCA beats to help you WHIIINED UP your waist and get that body shaped.

SOUTHSIDE - PILL HILL 91st & Jeffery at Communiversity STARTING Sept 2nd Get a DOUBLE DOSE of what you love most

RATCHET GROOVE @ 6:30p Being sexy is hard work come give it a try and watch that booty and stomach go bye bye lol

Tri Soul Yoga @ 7:30p

Hyde Park Location TBA so stay tuned plenty options trying to pick best one

Bronzeville Location TBA so stay tuned

Oak Park & South Suburbs possibly just got asked today don't know the details...


Community Drum Cirlce RESUMES Saturday June 20th 10:30a Bring your hand percussion to this light hearted jam session to learn the rhythm of the month. Usually the same as the dance for the month so you can hang around to stay and play for class.

WEST AFRICAN DANCE CLASS w/ Jeremy Noah of Muntu Dance Theater IS ON AND POPPING. JOIN US! SATURDAYS 11:30p - 1p. Warm up and get the blood boiling with dances from his native Cameroon before we dance our way west. For the month of May we will be WORKING ON "LAMBA"